Project Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

AVO pays special attention to prompt data documentation, collation, analysis, reporting and use. Lots of data exist in Nigeria as a result of the various ongoing programmes and interventions. Evaluations and studies are carried out almost every other day however this information are stored in silos in different databases making it difficult to access. In managing the data collection and reporting processes, AVO takes measures to ensure data quality by checking for common data quality issues such as homogeneity, completeness, reliability, accuracy and consistency to ensure credibility, impartiality and independence of the any assessment result, and ultimately the usefulness of the findings and recommendations.
AVO works towards trying to ensure eventual harmonisation of data and envisions a time where existing databases/ data software are interoperable such that data is easily accessed to inform learning.

AVO also specializes in the production of dynamic reports for easy data reporting. These reports provide different combinations of maps, table and charts depending on the needs of the reporter. AVO produces these reports using the InstantAtlas.